Things To Know Before Buying Carpet Cleaner

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous things that should be known, before purchasing a carpet washer. The best home carpet cleaner for one individual might not be the best for another. You should take the time to read our reviews and check comparison table to learn about your specific needs. Every home is different, so you’ll need to go through the information below and put together a list of requirements, before making your decision.

Do you have hard floors at home? Hardwood floors and linoleum flooring cannot be cleaned with carpet cleaners alone. Instead, you’ll need a hard-floor attachment! Be sure that your choice of cleaner comes with this item, or you’ll need to purchase it separately.

How big is your house? How much carpet actually needs to be cleaned? Do you have a small spot or stain that you wish to eliminate or are you going to be using the machine for the entirety of your home? If you have a significant amount of carpet in your home, you will be served much better by a full-sized cleaner. A bigger machine will take care of the problem much quicker and will allow you to return back to your other chores more rapidly.

How important is convenience to you? Do you want a machine that is effortless to use and lightweight? Many consumers would prefer to choose the best machine, which is lightweight, easy to understand and even easier to use. If you fit this mold, you want to spend a little extra and assure that your carpet cleaner machine will not be difficult to operate. An internal water heater, bigger tank, indicator lights and an automatic shutoff feature will all prove to be very helpful in this regard.

Is a commercial cleaning solution okay for you? If you want to get your carpets spotless, you likely want to choose a commercial cleaner and a commercial solution. Although these solutions tend to be extremely effective, they can also include harsh chemicals! While the majority of these have been tested and proven to be safe, it is vital to know your own allergies and health. Some individuals will suffer from adverse reactions, when using these types of solutions. Make sure that they’ll be all right in your home, before choosing a commercial solution for your problem!

Do you live near a service center? You have to remember that the majority of these devices come with some type of warranty. This is wonderful, but you should to make sure that you’ll be able to take full advantage of this feature. In order to do so, you have to ensure that you live fairly close to the manufacturers service center. Shipping the product back and forth is an option, but it is not one that is realistic or reliable. Therefore, you should ensure that you’ll be able to visit a repair center quickly, without traveling too far.

Upright Carpet Cleaner Models

It should be known that some very good carpet cleaners are considered to be upright models. These work very similarly to vacuum cleaners. Although theyre a little more costly and much bigger, theyre more convenient for cleaning large spaces. Generally, they come with additional features and accessories, as well.

Portable and Handheld Models

As the name suggests, portable and handheld models can be carried around easily. Theyre very portable and tend to be much less expensive. These models are superb for cleaning homes and even automobiles. Although using one of these machines will be a little tedious, theyre great for spot cleaning.

Types of Carpet Cleaning Machines

If your house is filled with wall-to-wall carpet, you definitely need a carpet washer for those tough jobs. You will find several different types of carpet cleaners available on todays market, but should do a bit of research to find one that is suitable for your needs.

Steam cleaners are very desirable, since they are equipped with a heater that will warm up the water to a high temperature that is capable of producing steam. Steam will breakdown dirt and set-in stains, while the brushes also help to loosen the debris, so it can be suctioned up into the waste reservoir. This just happens to be a very popular shampooer among many homeowners.

The shampooing carpet cleaner is another favorable machine, because it will clean the carpet fibers, without leaving sticky residue behind. Do not forget about the dry machine, when you are shopping for a good carpet cleaner. This machine does not utilize water, instead it relies on it’s brushes and solution to get the job done.