Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 – True Power

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+ Pros

  • Patented feature to keep the brush vibrating
  • Powerful motor for faster and more efficient cleaning
  • 10.8 inch wide cleaning path
  • Requires close to no maintenance
  • Professional cleaning solution and Urine Eliminator Trigger spray included
  • Long power cord and cleaning hose for flexibility
  • Can clean stairs and upholstery too
  • One tank for clean water, another tank for dirty water
  • Handle height is adjustable
  • Does not require too much room for storage

– Cons

  • Owner’s manual could have provided more information
  • Does not work on hard flooring
  • Requires attention when using the cleaning solution
  • Might feel a little heavy to maneuver
  • Large rooms might require a refill

Cleaning carpets has always been a challenge. Simply put, vacuuming is not going to help too much. Of course, vacuuming works when you spill some cereals or you end up with some dirt on your soles, but this is pretty much it. The equipment cannot draw small particles of dust from the inside of the fibers. At the same time, it will never be able to clear stains because it is simply not powerful enough to suck all those small particles. What options do you have then? Easy! Get a carpet cleaning solution, a brush and go on your knees – the most daunting job in the world.

It is hard to think of something more physically exhausting than scrubbing floors. You can always hire a professional cleaning company though – at least once or twice a month. A few experts will come over, clear stains and bring back the colors of your carpets, then leave. If you need this kind of cleaning once or twice a year, costs may not be too high. But when you need such cleaning operations on a regular basis, costs will add up and skyrocket. From this point of view, it is just more cost efficient to invest in your own carpet cleaner like BISSELL DeepClean Premier.

This is when Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack kicks in – one of the best carpet cleaners on the market today. It looks and feels professional, but it also brings in professional features and cleaning capabilities. However, it is designed for residential uses. You can forget about rubbing floors on your knees. Instead, clean them while standing, from a more comfortable position. This model is relatively easy to move around, but it also promises to restore the vibrant colors of your carpets after many years under a layer of dirt.

Functional Performance

Getting used to how Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 cleaner works is fairly simple, even if this is the first time you use such an equipment. The handle has a red button. Press it and pull the equipment backward. Normally, you should do it with about one foot per second. It is important to do it backwardly in order to maintain the brush orientation against the carpet surface. The cleaning solution is introduced, so make sure to keep moving the machine. Otherwise, you risk leaving too much of it in one place or another.

The button should be released around 10 inches away from the pass, only to prevent excessive flowing. Repeat the procedure for each pass. Cover the entire surface of the carpet or do it until you run out of solution. Of course, both the carpet and the machine require some early preparation. Ideally, you should vacuum upfront if there is too much dirt around. This way, you clear the large and easy particles. As for the machine, check its connections, mix the solution and fill the tank. From that point on, you can finally start cleaning. According to the manufacturer, the cleaner is about three times more efficient than regular vacuums.

  • On Carpets: Cleaning carpets has never been easier. The Rug Doctor cleaning machine can do it without any effort at all. Just prepare the carpet and machine before cleaning. You just have to move around and make sure that the cleaner covers the entire surface. Pay special attention to the fabric materials though. It only takes a few cleaning sessions to restore the vibrant colors of your carpets. You may still know what they look like, but chances are you have already forgotten about their shininess. This unit can bring it back in no time.
  • On Other Fabrics: The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 carpet cleaner is originally developed for carpets, yet it can work wonders on other similar items too. From this point of view, it is excellent on upholstery too. Whether you got a couch or some chair, they can be cleaned in no time. Stairs also require regular cleaning, especially when covered in carpets. The same goes for your car. Perhaps you can stop paying a fortune to car washing shops once a week. Instead, you can do it yourself in 15 minutes. Tight and hardly accessible areas are easy to reach as well. It is only a matter of time until all your stuff recovers the original looks.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Carpet Cleaner Features

None of the manufacturer’s claims and promises would be real without a set of useful features. Luckily, this model comes with all kinds of capabilities based on the customers’ necessities only.


  • Vibrating Brush Feature: The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 carpet cleaner comes with a unique vibrating brush. The technology is patented, so you are less likely to find it in other similar equipment. Its primary goal is to tackle stubborn dirt deposits. It shakes dirt and loosens it before bringing it out. This is the main feature in terms of efficiency.
  • 1.74HP Motor: Without a good motor, the entire operation would be worthless. This machine comes with a high 1.74HP motor. When mixed with the internal 28PSI pump, the motor can clear both old and stubborn stains.
  • Wide Cleaning Path: The faster you finish the cleaning job, the better. But cleaning it efficiently would be hard without a proper cleaning path. This model comes with a 10.8 inch wide cleaning path. It can cover decent areas of your carpet and reduce the cleaning time.
  • Adjustable Handle: A handle that is too short would force you to stay hunched while cleaning. If it is too tall, you will feel like working out. Fortunately, Rug Doctor has implemented an adjustable handle – between 32.5 and 36.5”. You can also fold it down for more efficient storage.
  • Different Tanks For Water: Many cleaners use the same tank for both clean and dirty water. Interestingly enough, people still use them, even if at some point, they end up cleaning with dirty water. This machine comes with two separate tanks – one for each type of water.
  • Works With Hot Water: You do not necessarily have to use cold water for the equipment to work. It also accepts hot water. Hot water is actually recommended because it can clean carpets in a more efficient manner. Some people refer to this cleaner as a steam cleaner, yet it does not use steam.
  • Long Hose And Cord: A long hose is likely to offer plenty of flexibility. On the same principle, a long power cord does not imply moving the unit too much. It does feel easy to move around, but it will become frustrating to clean a few square feet and move it, then do it again. Instead, clean whole rooms without moving it a single inch.
  • Stair And Upholstery Tool: Cleaning the upholstery can be tricky, especially as lifting the machine will not be easy. Fortunately, you have a special tool for such situations. The same tool is useful if you want to clean the interior of your home. Cleaning stairs has never been easier either.
  • Professional Cleaning Solution: The package comes with a 40 ounce bottle of Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner. It is excellent to clear the dust and hair off pets’ fur. Sure, you can use any other detergent once you are done with it, yet you will convince yourself that it can work wonders in the long run. A 17 ounce Urine Eliminator Trigger spray is also included for a better control against pet issues.
  • Simple Maintenance: As long as you keep the equipment clean, there is no maintenance needed. Ideally, you should empty the tanks after each use and rinse them a little. No other operations are required for a good functionality.
  • Easy Storage: Most things have their own storage hooks. For example, the power cord goes around the handle. The handle is also foldable for more space efficiency. Therefore, no matter where you plan to keep the cleaner, you will have no problems in finding a little spot for it.

Conclusion of Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Review

In the end of our review, Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack carpet cleaner is likely to make your cleaning operations easier. Cleaning has never been easier, yet it demands a little attention. This model tends to bring professional capabilities to a residential level though, whether you count the actual price or the uses. Its pros can certainly outweigh the cons, while getting used to the cleaning equipment is piece of cake, even if you have never used one before.

Updated on August 23, 2018 by Clean This Carpet