Quick Tips for Cleaning Your Car Carpet


If your car is your pride and joy, you’ll likely want to keep it as clean as possible. However, there’s a lot of convoluting information out there when it comes to the best way to clean car carpet. That’s exactly where this article comes in – we’ve put together some quick tips for cleaning your car carpet with top carpet cleaner.

If you’re ready to learn how to clean the carpet in your car, read on.

Clean Coffee Spills Immediately

One of the most frequent spills on your car carpet is likely your morning cup of coffee. When you’re tired in the morning, it can be pretty easy to spill coffee on your carpet. If that should happen, you’ll want to make sure that you clean coffee spills immediately. If you leave it until you get home, it will soak into the carpet and stain.

The best way to go about doing this is by simply using cold water and paper towels. This should bring up the majority of the coffee spill and you can clean it properly when you get home. Just remember to act quickly when it comes to coffee spills.

Use Hair Spray to Remove Ink Stains

Ink is a particularly tricky one to get out of your car carpet, but did you know that hair spray is actually one of the best substances for removing it? That tip actually goes for pretty much any type of carpet that you spill ink on.

You’ll only want to apply a small amount of hair spray on the area that has been covered in ink and it should lift it right out. If you find that the ink stain is particularly bad, add a little salt to the hair spray and it should help a fair amount. With that in mind, keeping a bottle of hair spray somewhere in your car isn’t a bad idea.

Soda can be used to Remove Sickness Stains

The final item in our guide of how to clean auto carpet is particularly useful if you have small children, pets or just a carsick adult, you’ll find that your car carpets can frequently get covered in sick. It really isn’t nice and can leave a particularly bad stain too. However, what you likely didn’t know is that vomit is acidic. This means that you’ll need to use something to react with that acid and remove the stain, for instance with BISSELL Big Green.

Your best option is to use a bottle of club soda to clean it up, like you would do with water on a normal stain. However, you’ll find that a mixture of water and baking soda should do a pretty similar job. Both of these solutions should also remove the awful smell of sick too.

In conclusion, these are only a few of the best ways to clean auto carpet. Keeping your car carpet clean doesn’t have to particularly difficult when you know what to do. If you’re looking to give your car carpets a deeper clean, you might want to check out carpet cleaner machine reviews for comprehensive information.