How to Remove Blood Stains from Your Carpet


Accidents happen all of the time, especially in your family home. With these accidents, it goes without saying that there’s occasionally going to be blood involved. However, that can become a bit of a problem when the blood stains your beautiful carpets.

If you’re looking to find out how to clean blood out of carpet with BISSELL Little Green ProHeat, you’ve come to the right place. This article will detail everything you need to know about removing those bad blood stains from your carpet. You don’t have to make do with that blood stain that’s been sat on your carpet for months, it’s actually pretty easy to deal with and remove.

How are blood stains removed from carpet?

You’d likely imagine that blood stains are one of the worst types of stain to remove from your carpet. However, when you know how to remove these stains, it’s actually pretty easy.

You don’t need to invest in any fancy cleaning fluids here. You can make the solution that’s needed for cleaning your blood out of carpet from things you’ve likely already got around the home. You’ll need to mix a tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent with a couple of cups of water. The solution is as simple as that.

From here, you’ll then want to use a clean white cloth to sponge the stain with the solution that you’ve just created. Continue blotting until the liquid has been completely absorbed. Depending on how deep the blood stain is, you’ll want to repeat this step a few times, or until you can no longer see the stain.

For even deeper stains, you might find that even after a good few attempts, they’re not disappearing. If that’s the case, you’ll want to use a tablespoon of ammonia, mixed with half a cup of water to create a stronger solution. You should find that this solution easily removes the blood stain after one attempt. However, we should note at this point that you should never mix bleach and ammonia. Despite what you’ve heard about this as a cleaning solution, it can be incredibly hazardous to breathe in.

How to give your carpet a deeper clean?

It might be the case that your carpet is covered in much deeper stains, or you’re just looking to give your flooring a general clean, but either way, a carpet cleaner is the best option to do just that. Obviously you’re not going to need a carpet cleaner for the occasional blood stain, but if you find it to be a regular issue, a carpet cleaner may not be a bad investment.

You’ll want to take a look at this carpet cleaning machine review, for more information about the best carpet cleaning machine you can buy. There’s so many different options available on the market, with each one specialising in cleaning a different type of carpet. Pay careful attention to your carpet type to make sure that you get the possible cleaning experience out of your best carpet cleaning machine.