Hoover vs Bissell

Carpet cleaning machines makes the job of cleaning carpets much easier. Two most frequently purchased carpet cleaners are from Hoover and the Bissell. When you are out to purchase the best carpet cleaning machine, it is right to go through the varying products available in the market, understand their features and the designs and then make the purchase. Once you invest in the product, they are going to remain with you for quite some time. Making the right purchase, according to your need is the main factor that has to be remembered. Understand the pros and cons of each machine and make the decision.

Factors to be Considered to make the Decision

Some factors that have to be considered when purchasing a carpet cleaning machine are:

  • Cost Factor
  • Suction Power
  • Cleaning performance quality
  • Brushes
  • Chemicals used
  • Motor power
  • Tank capacity
  • Deep cleaning facility
  • Pet stains
  • Widepath
  • Water-heater facility
  • Tools provided such as stain tool, upholstery tool, hand tool, stair tool, crevice tool, storage bag, etc.

The user has to see which model works best, for his or her requirement; if it is going to be for regular use, it has to be compact and light-weight; if there are small babies in the house or pets in the house, the carpet cleaner should be able to clean up the mess relating to them; if it is required for deep cleaning, emphasis should be placed on this feature; if the carpets are large and the area to be covered for cleaning is large, the widepath cleaning feature should be given importance, if there are staircases and corners to be cleaned, brushes that cover such areas should be used. Models that are light-weight are preferred by women, as the larger models are very big and make the job, tiring.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe

This carpet cleaning machine is useful to clean carpets, pet mess, upholstery and stains. It weighs only about 18.1 lbs. it uses only 10 amps motor and is an upright carpet cleaner. It contains rotating brush heads that are powerful and work on counter rotating feature. It includes other features such as fast dry time, rinse-wash selector and many handy tools that are useful for cleaning. It has a high user rating and good customer rating too.

Hoover MaxExtract Dual V

This carpet cleaner is one of the top models of Hoover. One outstanding feature of this model is its wide cleaning path. With each stroke, it can clean more.  With its rinse-only mode, the user need not empty the detergent liquid before rinsing. This is especially useful for those who have pets and children, as the chemicals are removed from the carpets.

Hoover Steamvac with Clean Surge

This carpet cleaner is another best of Hoover equipments. It has extremely good cleaning power. Its brushes are counter rotating. The Clean Surge is its outstanding feature that helps to remove the excess detergent with its clean-surge power. The suction power and heat air facilities in it, helps in reducing drying time.

Hoover MaxExtract 60 PressurePro

This carpet cleaner has good Pressure Pro cleaning abilities. It works by applying direct pressurized water, to help all types of dirt and stains to loosen and helps in quick drying time. Its counter rotating brushheads that sucks out dirt using SpinScrub movement helps in excellent cleaning. It has a solid build. It operates with rinse-only mode and works with widepath cleaning.

Bissell ProHeat Pet Carpet Cleaner 2 X Revolution

It works well as a carpet cleaner and comes in a very stylish design and is very handy to carry as it is lightweight. Some features of this cleaner are the dual water tank system, DirtLifter brushes, dual Express as well as Deep Clean mode. It uses Heat-wave technology. It weighs less than 18 lbs. It is an easy to use tool.

Bissell ProHeat 2 X Advanced

This deep cleaner has its own water heater. It has twelve DirtLifter brush rows that work well to deep clean carpets with its powerful suction facility. Its key feature is its water heater that is in-built, a 12 amp motor, fast drying time and 12 DirtLifter brushes.

Bissell ProHeat Pet Advance

This carpet cleaning machine works as an upright model with a built-in water heater. It uses Dirt-lifter brushes and works on a rinse-cleaning mode. This mode uses clean water for cleaning without detergent mixes. It has Dirt-lifter brushes of 6 rows and a 12 amp motor. It also has an extra attachment for a pet stain tool-head.

Bissell DeepClean Premier

This carpet cleaning model is especially designed to clean up pet stains. It has 12 DirtLifter brush rows. It works on Heatwave Technology to keep the water warm. It also comes with a CleanShot facility to treat tough stains. A Pet Stain Trapper tool is provided to remove pet remains and a hair collector for collecting the pet hair. This model has a price that is slightly higher.

Bissell ProHeat DeepClean Essential

This carpet cleaner is an upright model that helps in deep cleaning and dirt and stain removal features. It is a stylish model that can hold warm water. It comes with a low price. Its features are for providing quality cleaning and for easy use.

As the buyer and user of the product, you are the ultimate decision maker and it is up to you to decide on the chief features that you require in your carpet cleaning machine. When it comes to deciding between the Bissell or the Hoover, important features to be considered is your requirement, the size, the necessity, the light-weight or heavy weight model, the power of the motor, type of brush used, tank capacity, etc. With these factors in mind, you can make the decision in choosing them model you require. The color and the product look are just additional features that can be decided later. The features in both the models are almost same, with just a few variations. Similarly, the prices are almost the same for both models. As both are considered to be top models, your choice between various other brands becomes narrower and your task of cleaning the carpets easier.