Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge. Customers Choice

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+ Pros

  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move and utilize
  • Perfect deep cleansing carpeting
  • Quick carpeting drying
  • No cross-contamination, as dirty and clean water are in Various holders
  • Compatible with tiled flooring and luxury carpeting
  • Reachable up to stairs, carpeting, or Tiny spaces
  • Robust motor
  • Removable brushes for Simple cleaning
  • Less maintenance because of no straps
  • Convenient stains and soiled area cleaning
  • Affordable
  • Handy accessories like power hand tool and upholstery tool

- Cons

  • Heavy with stuffed tank
  • Not Great for homes with limited storage area
  • Lacks wash mode
  • No Individual detergent compartment
  • Noisy with 85 decibels noise
  • Couple of rounds to sinks in the Event of cleaning a moderate sized area because of dirty water tank in the Little side
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Can you remember the amount of times you looked in the flooring rugs, made a decision to wash them immediately, but finally didn't do this? Well, this ignorance or procrastination is chiefly because of larger cleaning area and much more regular spillage over those most utilized carpets. The latter is accurate, particularly once you have pets or children spilling all kinds of stuff around. This makes carpet cleaning very dull and dull.

Carpets not only are they visually attractive but also functionally commendable, but as they insulate and protect the ground from scratches and scuffs. But it can be challenging to make them seem clean for more. In the same way, the longer you delay in cleaning them, the tougher it is to take out the stains and dirt, forcing you to a vicious cycle.

In this circumstance, you might even feel as hiring a specialist, which almost cost you around a couple hundred bucks to get a 900-square foot region cleaning. Even though this is definitely not inexpensive, it's necessary once in every 18 weeks for the carpets to work better and last longer. But this frequency is surely on the increase in the event the spilling mishaps are too frequently. Consequently, the only choice left for budgeted and cash saving people would be to clean the rugs using some finest carpet cleaner.

Having a successful rug cleaner, it really gets simpler to keep your carpeting. The cleaner should have enough ability to discard deep-rooted dirt and stains, ought to be simple to use and wash, and ought to be affordable than specialist support. This is precisely in which Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaner f5914-900 has shown itself.

Ensuring deeper cleaning and rapid drying period, Hoover SteamVac is bound to surprise you with how it functions. Its price isn't high, so using it to wash your house is equivalent to the specialist one time charges you pay for whole home cleaning.

Functional Performance

This lightweight equipped Hoover SteamVac cleaner includes rotating brushes for cleaning the carpet fibers in each way to pick up grime and dirt. This guarantees stronger cleaning than other cleaners do. Regardless of the tag as'SteamVac', the cleaner utilizes no steam but warm water together with agitating brushes along with a cleanup solution to stain removal. The very commendable point of the Hoover carpet cleaner is that it's not just for carpet cleaning but also for bare floor cleaning.

  • On a Bare Floor: Picks up any kind of spill and functions well on tiled surfaces. But, it doesn't work well on painted flooring since it leaves much water.
  • On a Carpet: Works using a suction which chooses dirty liquids like couch, yogurt, coffee, and milk in addition to the previous fall, given you vacuum having a vertical model. The cleaner eliminates stubborn stains immediately on a pre-treated carpeting that's loosened the stains. Contrary to other carpet cleaners, this one includes heat drying attribute that blows hot air for fast drying. The Hoover SteamVac cleaner is capable of removing pet hair by a vacuum-cleaned carpeting but this may not be highly satisfactory. Regardless, it's useful for pet owners with odor complaints, as it contributes to respiratory ailments. Moreover, a technical formulation is available from the manufacturer, which eliminates stains and odor in the carpet.
  • On Upholstery: Works efficiently with a couple attachments affixed in an 8-foot hose. The handiest ones would be the power hand tool and a scrubbing brush for spraying on the cleaning solution or water, stir up, and then take it back. This type of working mechanism eliminates any sort of blot. There's also an upholstery application suctioning any spilled liquid.

Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge Features

The above versatile functionality is definitely because of the cleaner's most innovative capabilities. Let's check these out!

    • Tested Design: This Hoover carpet cleaner version was pressure tested for ensuring a few years of very good performance. This evaluation is completed in the brand's American technology lab.
    • Counter Rotating SpinScrub Technology: The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Washer includes five rotating brushes to push the dirt and stains from all possible directions, which divides into the cleaner. To get a deep cleansing effect, the brushes have been able to counter rotating . The scrubbing is very fragile and commendable yet hard on the carpet stains and dirt.
    • Removable Brush Heads: The counter tops spinning brushes are removable, which means that you may replace them. This can be useful when tear and wear often dull them together with use over time. This saves you considerable quantity of money in purchasing a new cleaner such as Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe, since you simply need to change the brushes, rather than the machine. Regardless of that, you'll have a brand new life for your system. Additionally, Hoover supplies a multitude of spare components for replacing the worn outside or damaged parts, which makes it effortless to keep the performance of this Hoover SteamVac well together with the passing of time. The convento eliminate the brushes also means it is easy to wash them under water.
    • High Motor Power: The Hoover SteamVac f5914-900 cleaner operates on electricity of 12 amps, which is comparable to the energy of a professional standard and much more expensive cleaner. This kind of high power is possibly accountable for its high performance.
    • Clean Surge: This capacity is exclusively for its stained regions wherein fingertip control compels more detergent towards exceptionally stubborn stains and spots due to their elimination. It's also powerful in grooming heavy trafficked areas. You merely need to press a button close to the handle to use the further detergent into the target region.
    • Variable Speeds: The Hoover carpet cleaner includes three distinct agitation speed alternatives for your brush to function in accordance with the variable cleaning situations. These choices are High for regular functioning, Off for selecting up spills, and Low to mild functioning.
  • Dual Tanks: The Hoover SteamVac f5914900 includes 2 tanks, one for holding filthy water and you for holding sterile water. The latter retains warm water, which makes the job of cleaning more successful. On the other hand, the machine features a water heater.
  • Handy Hand Tools: This washer has been sent with a powered SpinScrub instrument for easing easy cleaning of this difficult to reach or tiny areas such as upholstery and stairs. While the equipment is excellent for cleaning the carpeting, it's very helpful in cleaning armchairs, sofas, and even automobile seats.
  • 8-feet Stretch Hose: This hose is long enough to provide fast extended reach to some inaccessible or small goal area.
  • Carpet/Upholstery Detergent: Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner includes a 16 ounce jar containing a powerful cleaning detergent. This saves time in picking and obtaining the detergent. Well, you're all set to wash!
  • No Belts: The carpeting cleaner comes without straps, so that there will be no additional maintenance job of replacing or changing a belt.
  • Easy Cleaning: You simply need to wash out the inner filter from the filthy water tank. There's not any requirement to soapall you need to do is press and rinse on it to shed excess water and then place it back. Moreover, just make certain you drain the tank pole every use in addition to spray water indoors to discard any trapped sand indoors. Additionally, you need to wash off the scrubbing brushes too.
  • Warranty and Customer Support: The Hoover SteamVac carpet washer includes a 1-year guarantee attached to it. In the same way, you can anticipate a trusted customer care, if you happen to experience any issues.

Note: When it comes to utilizing the detergent using Hoover SteamVac, Hoover firmly proposes using detergent. This is only because they warrant it to preventing the odds of fire or component damage. But this doesn't follow you won't receive satisfactory results with all the replicas of different brands.

Tips for Better Use

  • Clean brushes or they could collect the filth over the time to decelerate their rotating capability.
  • Read the guide, as it has several handy tips alongside the usage directions.
  • Line up tank lids in place or it may cause issues like leakage or loss of suction.
  • Always use water as much as you can superior cleaning power, but its temperature shouldn't be greater than 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


All in all, the Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge f5914900 may be an perfect selection for people who are considering simplified and more effective DIY carpet cleaning jobs.