Get Tough Stains Out of Carpet Fast!

Carpets look neat when it is clean and spread out well in the house or in offices. The designs stand out and provide a very pretty décor against the beautiful interior. But accidents do happen and there are chances for the carpet getting all stained up. The beautiful appearance is marred and it turns into an ugly site. Now how to deal with it? Calling for professional help is too costly. Replacing the carpet is out of the question, because it is still new and cannot be thrown out just like that. There are various home remedies that can do the trick, or you can buy a carpet cleaning machine to help you out.

Stains on Carpet

Carpets get stained in many ways

  • Tea stains and coffee stains are stubborn stains that spread in a brownish color on the carpets.
  • Ink stains spilt by children in the house and by employees in the office.
  • Pet poop stains when there are pets in the house.
  • Red stains through blood stains and sauce.

As carpets are spread out on the floor, the chances of getting them stained are frequent. It almost becomes an everyday occurrence. Each stain can be treated in different ways to get them cleaned. But if there is a BISSELL DeepClean Premier, it will help in cleaning up the stain immediately and can be used for all types of stain.

Getting Rid of Carpet Stains with Home Remedies

There are various homemade remedies that are available, to help clean up the carpet stains. Homemade remedies are usually taken as immediate action to solve the problem of the stain. Other measures such as using retail store products that help in removing stains and seeking professional help can then be taken to solve the issue. Home remedies are those items that are easily available in each house. It is easy to use them and they can be immediately used.  If there is top carpet cleaner, it can be used immediately without needing any other alternative. There are various types of stain removers available in the stores. Each stain has its own type of remover and has to be bought and kept available as a precaution.

  • By applying a bit of beer on the coffee or tea stain, the stain will disappear. You can do this two or three times to help in making the stain completely disappear.
  • White vinegar can be applied on the stain with a spray bottle. Dish wash soap can also be applied. White vinegar is best to clean up pet poop stains. If the stain has gone deeper, carpet cleaning product for pet stains are available and they should be applied. White vinegar helps to neutralize the odor. Laundry detergent can also be applied to remove odor and stain.
  • Blood stains should be immediately cleaned with cold water. You can also use dish wash liquids or detergents on the stain. After allowing it to stand for a few minutes, it can be cleaned up, or dried up with a towel or a paper towel. Removing blood stains is not easy and has to be done repeatedly to remove these stains.
  • Ink stains can be cleaned up with a wet cloth dabbed in isopropyl alcohol. Ink stains should not be rubbed or scrubbed as it will spread the stain. Nail polish remover and hair spray are other ways of removing ink stains on the carpet. These are not stubborn stains and are easily removable, but their stain will stare out faintly for a number of days.
  • Urine stains should be absorbed with dry cloth and then applied with white vinegar and water, mixed up to a solution. A mild detergent should then be used to clean up the portion. Bleaching agents are not required.

Cleaning Carpet Stains

The stain should be dried immediate with a dry towel. This will help to absorb the tea or the liquid that is poured on the carpet. Carpets should be dried by keeping them out in the sun and left exposed to the sun’s rays to dry them up immediately. There are various household chemicals that can help to remove carpet stains. There is a number of carpet cleaning solutions available in the market to clean up the carpet. It is always best to have a few carpet cleaning techniques to help in cleaning up your costly carpets. This will help to save your carpet as well as to protect them from further damage.

Hints on Cleaning up Carpet Stains

  • Cleaning should always be done by blotting the stain.
  • Cleaning process should always from be from the outside and worked in slowly inside.
  • Scrubbing of carpet should be avoided as it will destroy the quality of the carpet.
  • The spill should not be allowed to soak into the carpet deeply.
  • Carpet cleaning machines help in cleaning out all types of stains immediately.

Getting tough Stains out of the Carpet

  • Non-bleach items should first be applied. If the stain is darker and stubborn in nature, bleaching items have to be applied to remove stains.
  • Baking soda can be added to water and the mixed solution can be spread out on the stain. It can be allowed to dry and then the residue can be removed by using the vacuum.
  • Very stubborn stains require professional help, particularly if the carpet is of very exquisite and sensitive material.
  • Tough stains are usually made from rust or red wine.
  • All stains are tough. If treatment is given immediately, they can easily be removed. Only if the stain is allowed to penetrate into the carpet and is allowed to dry or seep through, the stain becomes stubborn and refuses to go away.
  • Carpet cleaning machines can be used to do away with tough stains. However, if a carpet cleaning machine is available within the premises, it can be used immediately and will not allow the stain to become dry; neither will it allow the stain to penetrate deep into the carpet.