A Lot of People have questions Regarding what they can or Can’t do with a Carpet cleaner. Here we answer some of the most often asked questions we receive about carpet cleaning machines.

1. Could I Use My Carpet Cleaner to Clean Things Other Than Carpet?

Many People prefer to use carpet cleaners to clean mattresses, automobile upholstery, drapes and upholstered furniture. If that is a function you’re interested in search for a rug cleaning machine which has an attachment to clean upholstery, then it is possible to discover a few in my graph on the site.

If You plan to wash your floors I advise that you buy a steam mop or a steam cleaner. Some carpet cleaning machines possess resources created to operate on flooring nonetheless, take precaution when using these on timber flooring. In addition, don’t use a rug cleaner on delicate fabrics like silk and velvet.

Bear in Mind, the best way to Find out if it’s Ok to use a rug cleaner onto a specific thing is to examine the manufacturer’s instructions for that merchandise.

2. Is it Safe to Use Cleaner Solutions other Than the One Which Came with My Carpet Cleaner?

It Is probably ok, but it’s ideal to follow manufacturer recommendations. Many machines operate well with specially formulated products. Even though it can be possible to clean your carpet and other things with generic goods, you could potentially get them cleaner using all the specially formulated products which include your merchandise.

3. I Just Deep Cleaned My Carpet: When Will it Be Dry?

The Drying time will depend on several distinct aspects. Which kind of carpeting have you got? How thick is the carpet? Which kind of cleaning technique did you use? Each these items will impact your drying period, you need to wait at least a few hours until you walk in your carpet after you wash it.

4. How Should I Clean Stairs with My Carpet Cleaner?

The Finest way to clean stairs would be to utilize the stair tool accessories which include a few carpet cleaners. A upholstery nozzle will wash stairs economically and eliminate most stubborn stains. Not all cleansers has a stair tool, however, so have a look at my graph initially to ensure.

5. What Types of Carpet Can I Clean using a Carpet Cleaner?

Carpet Cleaners are safe to use with many rugs. It’s usually fine to wash Berber carpets in case you don’t get it moist and wool carpets if it’s cleaned using cool water. It’s also fine to use carpeting cleaners on area rugs and shag carpets. But don’t use a rug cleaner on artificial carpets, jute rugs, hand-loomed wool rugs, cashmere rugs, silk, sisal carpeting or any carpet or carpet in which the maker suggests that it needs to be dry cleaned.

6. Can Cleaning Water Damage My Carpet?

Cleaning Products are formulated to combine with water to wash carpets economically without damaging them. Even though most rugs are pre-treated, they nevertheless have to be cleaned using cleaning products and water so as to eliminate dust mites, allergens and dirt, and this procedure doesn’t harm carpets.

7. Is Owning a Carpet Cleaner Affordable?

You Wish to keep your house clean and smelling clean without having to spend a great deal of cash. Purchasing a carpet cleaning system may conserve money because money will not be wasted on carpet cleaner leases or specialist cleaning. Additionally, you will have more chances to wash your house once you have spent in it.

8. If I vacuum before I use a carpet cleaner?

Yes, It helps do away with the worst aspect of this dirt and dust in addition to the carpeting and make the heavy cleaning after more successful.

9. How frequently should I use a carpet cleaner?

This depends upon a range of variables, the total amount of traffic that your carpeting receives, when you have children or pets, and if you smoke.

If you do not have pets or kids, and do not get much traffic, then once a year is sufficient.

In case you have children or standard quantity of traffic, then you need to think about employing a carpet cleaner at least once per 6 weeks.

If You have pets, higher traffic, or smoke, then you need to wash the carpeting with a rug cleaner about every 3 weeks. You also ought to vacuum it two times per week.

10. How do I maintain my carpeting looking new?

Vacuum It frequently, and use a rug cleaner in accordance with the program above. It’s also very important to be fast to wash up and remove stains. Do not Allow the spots settle, or they’ll be a lot harder to eliminate, and there Is a threat that the carpeting might become permanently stained.