Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is the use of various machines to clean the carpets. They are used on the basis of not using any moisture or very low moisture to help in cleaning the carpets. It is one of the latest technologies that help in cleaning carpets and other surfaces that are prone to get very dirty or stained. Carpets are regularly filled with all types of dirt, sand, allergens and grit that have to be cleaned and properly maintained regularly. Only then can the carpets be maintained and remain free of stains to retain their beauty and freshness. Families that have children have the most dirty and stained carpets. Carpets decorate the houses according to the taste and resources of those in the house. Some have very costly and rich carpets, while some have carpets that are of artificial quality and are provided to keep the floor warm and comfortable. Carpet cleaning machines is one of the best ways to clean up the carpets.

Dry carpet cleaning machine

Dry carpet cleaning machine are easy to use and easy to maintain. They take less than five minutes to clean. The machines are available in various sizes that are convenient for use and also help in cleaning up carpets and other surfaces too. By using the carpet cleaning powder, you can remove all excess spills. Just spread the product on the spot to be cleaned. The area can be vacuumed after allowing it to set in. It reduces all types of moisture on the carpets that will eliminate all types of bacteria growth, molds and allergens too.

  • They are most suitable for all types of areas both large and small areas. They are fast and easy to use. The maintenance required is almost negligible and they last long.
  • The machines are self-propelling and are lightweight for use. They can be easily lifted and used by everyone in the family. They can be used even for cleaning up stairs. They can be taken anywhere as they are not heavy. The compact storing feature is an added advantage for these machines.
  • The dry carpet cleaning machines help in deep extraction carpet cleaning.
  • The handles can be moved easily to reach all areas and places where you cannot reach by hand. They also reach out to spaces that have low height and are unreachable.
  • They are most useful for smaller jobs and for smaller stains. They also clean below stair cases and for spot removal.
  • They help in agitation before hot water extraction.
  • They are used for pile lifting.
  • They come with a warranty.
  • The brushes can be changed very easily and do not require any lengthy or time-consuming process.
  • They make very low noise and have less vibration.

Dry carpet cleaning products

There are a wide range of equipments and products available along with best carpet cleaners that help in the cleaning.  The brushes work with counter-rotating movement to provide greater cleaning and better results. This is most suitable for cleaning up all spots, traffic areas and spills. They help in deep cleaning.

Cleaning Pack: The carpet cleaning machines are provided with cleaning packs that help in carpet cleaning. Spread the content on the spot to be cleaned and allow it to set on the stain caused by oil, coffee, tea or other stains. After some time, the spot can be vacuumed dry. In less than half-an-hour, the entire area becomes clean and fresh. They help to clean up all types of deep clean spots, traffic areas and spills in the most convenient and quick manner.

The Pre-spray: it can be used along with the BISSELL Little Green ProHeat carpet cleaner and is used on traffic areas where there are tough spots that are filed with grease, oil, dirt, etc. they come in a handy spray bottle to be handy while in use.

Cleaning Extractor Solution Shampoo: this helps in carpet cleaning. They can also be used for pre-treating traffic lane. They can be used as sprayer, as a spot remover and to extract dirt as well for bonnet cleaning.

The Spot Remover: it helps to clean up all stubborn spots and gives a clean appearance. It removes all traces of spots and grease and makes it as good as new.

Carpet Brush: these brushes are most useful for stand-up cleaning. They can fit into any standard handle and used for cleaning. The medium brushes are standard brushes which can clean up all types of carpets both of the man-made material, woven material, natural material and artificial carpets. There are brushes of varying stiffness grades. They can clean up all types of hard and soft carpets.

Odor Absorber: all types of bad smells that comes from the carpet and other household areas can be removed with these odor absorbers. Instead of just masking such dirty odors, they help to absorb and remove the odor molecules present in that area. This is especially useful for bathrooms and garbage disposal areas. Pet areas are also filled with foul odor and this can be used on such areas too. The concentrated solution can be mixed with water while using them.

Dry Cleaner sponge: this helps to clean, dissolve and absorb all types of stubborn dirt. The sponges are soft and natural. When they are moistened with water and the cleaning ingredients, they help to clean all types of floors and carpets in the best way possible. The chemicals used are usually safe and nontoxic. They are biodegradable and can be mixed with plenty of water. The extractor sponges are best to remove all types of spot removal and to clean up small areas.

Dry Cleaner Pail: these help to clean easily and can be used most conveniently.

Dry carpet cleaning uses the latest technology to clean carpets. Having a clean carpet, which is free from dust, grime and stains, will add to the beauty of a house. It also helps in giving a fresh atmosphere and adds health to the house.