How to Clean Dog, Cat or Human Poop Out of Carpet

Carpet cleaning is quite a simple work if it is just airing and removing grime and stain. But if your pet animal poops all over the carpet, it is a very frustrating job. It is not only a distasteful job; you will also have to put up with the odor that makes it very difficult to clean. But it has to be done and the sooner, the better. Poop cleaning involves both cleaning up the carpet and removing the odor or sanitizing it to get rid of the bad odor.

Pre-Requisites for a Family having Babies and Pets

Apart from a carpet cleaning machine<, you should always have a few items available when you have a pet or a baby at home. Have some paper towels, rubber gloves, old rags, dishwashing liquid, baking powder, white vinegar, peroxide, etc.  You will come across such situations as cleaning poop, cleaning vomit, etc., if it is you baby child, he or she will eventually grow up and will grow out of such clumsy habits. But if it is your dog or cat, even the best trained animal, will poop in the house, some day or the other.  Poop cleaning and baby feces cleaning have to be tolerated, if you have pets and babies in the house. Apart from these, there are various types of stains that may occur on the carpet due to shoe prints, mud, lipstick smudges, food smudges, dirt, grime and many other such factors. If it is spot cleaning, having some ready cleaning solution is required. Taking immediate steps to clean up the mess is best as immediate cleaning will help in making the cleaning process much easier with less stain.

How to Clean Poop out of Carpet?

Poop can be cleaned only after the bulk of the poop is removed. This can be removed either by scrapping it with a dust pan or removing it with a butter knife. This should be done immediately as it may cause more stain, if it remains for a longer duration on the carpet. You can use a dust pan for removing the poop as it has a broad base that is bigger than a spatula or a butter knife. Once the poop is removed, you can use a paper or a rag, to clean the area and to blot out the existing liquid found on the carpet. Depending on the fabric, you can use white vinegar or dishwashing liquid, to clean up the mess. If the carpet is strong enough, you can even use bleach or an enzyme-based cleaner for cleaning up the carpet.

How to Clean up Dog poop and Cat Poop out of the Carpet?

Hydrogen peroxide works wonders on stains created by poop left on the carpet. Baking powder helps to clean the carpet, remove the stain and to remove the odor too. If the poop is on the outer surface of the carpet, you should first remove the poop before starting the cleaning. You can also use liquid dish soap to remove the stain. First remove the poop from the surface of the carpet. You can then sprinkle baking soda on the area. Using the carpet cleaning machine, you can do the above process. It is best if there is an attachment for removing the poop and for pet hair.

How to Clean Human Feces out of Carpet?

The same process as that used to remove cat and dog poop is used to remove human feces too. If there is a child in the house, it is not only feces, but the carpet is prone to get very dirty too. With a carpet cleaning machine, it is easy to remove the feces of your baby and to clean up other mess too.

How to Clean Poop Stains from Carpet?

Just take a mixture of hand dishwashing detergent and white vinegar in equal ration. Mix it in warm water. Dip a sponge or a cloth in the solution and sponge up the stain. You can blot the area until the mixture of white vinegar and detergent is absorbed into the carpet. Till the stain goes, you can apply the liquid on the stain. Once the stain disappears, you can sponge it out with water and blot it dry. If it is the upholstery of your car, using only the hand dishwashing detergent is sufficient to remove the poop stain. You can use either hand dishwashing detergent or white vinegar. A mixture of both is not necessary, when you clean dog poop from the upholstery.

Choosing the Best Carpet Cleaning Machine

Before cleaning the carpet, you should always test out the product in one corner of the carpet to make sure that the cleaning material does not harm the carpet. If you are using bleach, it will harm the carpet and must be tested before using it. Keep such cleaning materials out of the reach of children and animals. Though there are many remedies for cleaning the carpet, the best remedy is a good wash and bright sunlight. With a BISSELL Spotbot Pet the work of carpet cleaning becomes a very easy job. The machine has good brushes that work well on the dirt. Depending on the tank, you can use the mixture to clean the carpet. The quality of the carpet and the dirt content can help you decide on the washing liquid to be used in the tank. If there is a baby in the house, you can use less of chemicals and have equipment with a rinse-wash selector. If the area to be cleaned is huge, you can choose to buy equipment with a widepath. Deep cleaning of the carpet has to be done at least twice a year. If the carpet is dirty and stained, it will cause all types of allergies and health problems. It will also give a bad odor that will not smell good. The entire process of cleaning the carpet is a very tedious one, but with BISSELL Big Green carpet cleaner, the process becomes easier.