How to Clean Cloth Car Seats

Cloth, whether on car seat or pillow, tends to become dirtier with time and frequent usage. Even if you or passengers remain careful, there is no assurance that the stains will not stick to the cloth seats. Of all fabrics for car seats, a cloth is specifically vulnerable to dirt and stains. This is because it absorbs everything. This is why regularly cleaning the cloth car seats is essential.

However, the problem with cleaning these seats is that you cannot remove the fabric or detach the seats. Further, unlike with the leather or vinyl seats, it is impossible to remove stains on cloth seats with just a wet wipe or dry cloth. In fact, these seats require an effective cleaning solution, especially for eliminating the stubborn stains.

For washing them, you need a specific soap for scrubbing. Well, this is not that easy. This is because using too much soap does not get all dirt out and using too much water does not allow the seats to dry up fast. In fact, it may take several days to dry. So, for cleaning cloth car seats with Hoover SteamVac, what one needs is the set of right instructions.

Prepare for Cleaning

Before cleaning the cloth car seats, it is essential to remove all wastes and dirt from the car. This is best done with a powerful vacuum featuring a big nozzle for taking away waste in big chunks. It is not that small vacuum but a robust one that can attract dirt from fissures, which are otherwise unreachable.

This preparation step might seem trivial but is it a significant one. This is because it keeps wastes away from circulating in the air and sticking the cloth seats when you will make them wet for cleaning.

Once you remove the debris, remove all things out of the car, especially those that are on seats. For example, take out any toys or loose accessories, which may get in the way of cleaning.

Use a Car Upholstery Cleaner

For best cleaning outcome, it is essential to have a car upholstery cleaner made especially for cloth seats. These cleaners are affordable, portable, and easy to use by hand. This is a better option than the concentrated soaps and top carpet cleaners.

Start by spraying one a small section of the seat instead of choosing the entire seat or a big portion. Doing so gives you all the control and facilitates fast rinsing. Ensure that you apply a light spray by holding it away from the seat. A ‘too much’ spray will result in sticky dry up, which later shall attract dirt. Finally, allow the cleaner to reside for a few minutes.

Clean it!

With a cleaner on the moistened dry towel instead of a damped one, scrub the area until the debris comes out. If the stains or dust particles are still there, scrub that area with a soft-bristled brush gently and not for more than a few minutes. Take another moist towel to slightly rub the area again for taking off any residue. Finally, wipe off with another dry cloth.