How to Clean a Braided Rug

A colorful braided rug tends to add warm and pretty accent to almost any area in your home. These rugs are popular since a few generations, which means you may have a few with sentimental value, as they might be made by your grandmother. Even modern, designer braided rugs have a special role to play in adding a warm touch.

Braided rugs are of two types namely, hand-crafted or heirloom models and machine-designed modern rope-style options. The hand-made ones are used in those areas that are used rarely, as they are not as durable as the machine-made ones. Keeping them in these areas retain their great look for long. On the other hand, machine-made ones are more durable due to which they are recommended for use in areas with frequent usage such as doors and kitchens.

While both models are durable, the issue of dirt accumulation in their tiny threads is persistent just like in case of other rugs. So, braided rugs, whether a modern make or an ancient memento, need regular and proper cleaning with care and one of top 10 carpet cleaners.

Vacuuming for Regular Cleaning

The hand-made ones demand lighter handling and care than the machine-made ones. Thus, it is essential to vacuum them at least once a week for pulling out all soils, dust, hair, and other debris.

It is recommended vacuuming both sides. You can use either an upholstery attachment for manual cleaning or a beater bar at the highest level to keep damage or fiber pulling away. Experts recommend professional cleaning for valuable hand-made braided rugs.

Vacuuming is also essential for regular care of machine-made braided models. Doing so not only retains their pretty appearance but also boosts their lifespan. You should vacuum both sides using a standard head or an upholstery attachment.

Cleaning for Removing Stains

Just as regular care, cleaning with BISSELL DeepClean Premier for removing stains is also for maintaining durability and good looks. In fact, most householders clean the braided rugs only when they show up a stain although regular care is equally important.

Consider handling a stained braided rug just as a carpet and start by scraping the solids and blotting maximum liquid away to keep fiber damage at bay. Never ever rub any kind of solid stain. If the rug’s material is cotton, it reacts positively to a mix of lukewarm water and mild liquid soap used for washing plates.

For lightening the stains on silk, you need a mix of equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water, which is applied to the surface through an eye dropper. You may even try lemon juice and vinegar but only after testing it on a small area of the rug, as they may result in color fading.

Cleaning with Water or Solvent

There are braided rugs that come with machine washable tags. This is applicable to both the types of rugs. However, silk rugs should not be washed with water, as there is always a risk of stains. Similarly, the machine-made rugs also respond better to a dry-cleaning solvent applied via a sponge to one area at a time, in a ventilated area. When it comes to drying, make a braided rug lie flat to prevent creases.