BISSELL Spotbot Pet – Best Spot Carpet Cleaner with Low Weight and Price

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+ Pros

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Effortless or handsfree cleaning
  • Deep cleaning without any kind of damage
  • Wide cleaning path
  • Manual mode versatility
  • No cross contamination due to clean and dirty water
  • Easy to access and fill tanks
  • Ideal for small spots
  • Best carpet spot cleaner (we think so :))

– Cons

  • Occasional notices of rings
  • Somewhat noisy
  • Inefficient on large stains or on large areas due to frequent refilling of tanks
  • Occasional leaks

For a pet owner, a messy carpet is perhaps one of the most frequently encountered sights almost each day. However, she or he would surely not like to keep it watching so often. For them, it is not less than a dream to see a handsfree carpet cleaner changing their stain-driven stress into a technology-given peace of mind. As strange as it may sound, the popular and reliable brand Bissell has come up with such a cleaner that is customized to fulfill the needs of pet owners. This is perhaps one of most portable spot carpet cleaners in demand; it is the BISSELL Spotbot Pet 33N8A Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner that implements the best blend of Deep Reach technology and creativity.

This cleaning machine is the brands premier spot cleaner that facilitates permanent removal of dirt and stains without using your hands. Rather than sweating to remove a stain, you only have to start it and then do other chores while cleaning job is going on. This is perhaps a gift for pet owners who seriously have to face pet messes too often although the unit is for anyone who wishes for a hands-free cleaner for spot and stains removal.

Functional Performance. Indeed Best Spot Cleaner for Carpet?

Pet owners like this cleaner, especially those who have dogs that are yet being trained for living in a house and cats that tend to vomit often. BISSELL Spotbot Pet carpet cleaner works in removing all types of small spots and stains, regardless of how tough or old they are.


However, in case of bigger spots on the carpets and upholstery, you might need to operate several times, although it is possible to use the manual brush effectively. For larger stains on upholstery, auto interiors, and stairs, a hand-held hose and a brush tool with the unit do the job well, instead of the automatic mechanism.

You can expect a rejuvenated experience through the units intelligent cleaning system. You only have to place the cleaner machine over the stained area of the carpet, choose the required scrubbing mode, and walk away or do some other task until the stain vanishes on its own.

The unit is flexible enough to switch to its manual mode of cleaning, which works just as other portable stain cleaners, by using a brush hand tool and hose. Such a mix of special characteristics converts this cleaner into a powerful model for cleaning not only pet stains but also spots and spills on car interiors and soft furniture.

This carpet cleaner not only removes small stains but also does so quickly, without much effort. Recent or surface stains go away in not more than three minutes through the automated cleaning button, while the deeper and older ones go away in six minutes.

For stain and spot cleaning, the machine seems to groom as well as, or better at times than, those professional services or steam-cleaning models. The cleaner comes with two tank chambers but none of them has big openings. Despite this, it is easy to fill them. The dirty chamber easily gets drained and rinsed out. Similarly, even the chamber holding the detergent and water solution needs to be rinsed out quickly.

BISSELL Spotbot Pet

Let’s Review BISSELL Spotbot Pet Features

  • Suction Power and Patented Deep Reach Technology: Because of the Deep Reach mechanism, this spot carpet cleaner is able to do all the laboring of a user on its own. The technology forming the core of the design aids in removing the stains so deeply that you will not even be able to find its roots. Further, the BISSELL Spotbot Pet comes with an unusual spiral brushing action making more than 400 revolutions for cleaning, with two brushes moving in dissimilar manner. This movement occurs at a high speed and in a distinct way, which together with suction power, leads to effective exclusion and removal of deep stains for leaving the surface fresh and clean. In both manual and automatic modes, the cleaners sprays as well as suction-dries just once without damaging the carpet.
  • Dual Tank Capacity: The Spotbot comes with two tanks, one for cleaning solution and water, and one for holding dirty water. They measure 32 oz.
  • Automated Smart System: This renders hands-free removal of stains and spots. There are two motorized settings for brush, one for older and deeper stains and other for recent and surface stains. You just need to choose the corresponding button and wait for an alert indicating the completion. The smart system identifies the right quantity of solution on its own by calculating the quantity for effectively removing the dirt and stain at the end of the initial 400 brush revolutions.
  • Microban Antimicrobial Protection: This exclusive feature defends against the increase and spread of bacteria, usually responsible for causing odor. It also defends surfaces from mildew and molds, and is one of the requirements that must be in place for this kind of an appliance to be fully certified.
  • Portable & Lightweight: This unit weights only 14 pounds without filling the tanks, which makes it a lightweight cleaning machine. At the same time, its dimensions are also such that they make the cleaner compact and portable. Further, a convenient carrying handle adds to its portability factor.
  • Cleaning Diameter: This is seven inches, which means that the automated brushing shall groom around such area in one stroke. Supplementing it is the spiral brush action that picks up the dirt and stains from the carpet.
  • Manual Mode: This is available in the form of a button that activates the hand tool/hose for manual cleaning. This indicates that the carpet cleaning machine is truly versatile.
  • No Water Heater: There is no heater inside BISSELL Spotbot Pet handsfree spot and stain cleaner 33n8, which means you need to add warm water, if required. Usually, best home carpet cleaner regardless of their type and model do not contain a water heater.
  • Cleaning Solution: Bissell recommends using its own 2X Pet Stain & Odor formula for 99% removal of odor-causing bacteria on the carpets, stains, and spots, 2X Little Green exclusively for Little Green models, and Oxy Gen2. However, you can use carpet shampoo of any brand or even homemade solutions such as water and vinegar mix.
  • 5-Feet Hose: This attachment is for manual cleaning operation that is ideal for upholstery, stairs, and automobile interiors.
  • Cleaning Path Stain Tool: This one uses suction as well as manual brush action with suction to clean a path of three inches.
  • Power Cord: This one is 16-ft long and is enough for a majority of automatic and manual operations. However, you may argue that it is short as compared to other portable models.
  • Warranty: Well, the BISSELL Spotbot Pet 33NA has only 1-year limited warranty. The carpet cleaner is made in China, which indicates a few reliability issues. However, most of them and design flaws are removed, while highlighting a relatively robust build.

Talking about the accessories, the stain tool brush cleans different surfaces, including the difficult to reach regions or for those areas where automatic applications have failed. The tool also vacuums surplus liquid or water left in the cleaned circle, post automatic cleaning. Apart from that, you can purchase other accessories such as the wide stair tool, turbo brush tool, spraying crevice tool, and the upholstery tool.

BISSELL Spotbot Pet Handsfree

Note: The 33N8A BISSELL Spotbot pet handsfree cleaner is only for spots, pet messes, and stains, not for cleaning the whole room or large space. Because it is designed keeping portability in mind, users prefer it usually for smaller tasks, as it becomes even more effortless to move it around in case of manual operation for cleaning. For entire home, you will need an cleaner or a lightweight cleaner that not only removes the spots and stains but also implements a wider path of cleaning those small areas instead of separate regions (small rooms).

Conclusion of BISSELL Spotbot Pet Reviews

The Bissell Spotbot Pet Deep Cleaner is ideal for those who want to remain handsfree at the time cleaning the carpet for stain and spot removal. It is compact and portable yet powerful and automatic to remove spots and stains without scrubbing or toiling over the target area. Its one of the best spot carpet cleaners on the market.

While its automatic mechanism is ideal for small spots, the manual scrubbing mode with hand tool is handy for cleaning spots and stains more difficult, grooming auto upholstery, and any more non-standard spot cleaning types. The top handle, relatively small size, and simple but handy controls make it convenient to operate the machine. Its automated cleaning feature coupled with long cord is ideal for those having limited mobility.

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