BISSELL Spotbot Pet – Spot Carpet Cleaner with Low Weight and Price

Our Ratings


+ Pros

  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Easy to use
  • Ready to work from this box
  • Effortless or handsfree cleaning
  • Deep cleaning without Any Type of harm
  • Wide cleaning path
  • Manual manner versatility
  • No cross contamination Because of wash and dirty water
  • Easy to get and fill tanks
  • Ideal for little stains
  • Best carpet spot cleaner (we believe :-RRB-)

- Cons

  • Occasional finds of bands
  • Somewhat noisy
  • Inefficient on big spots or on large areas because of regular refilling of tanks
  • Occasional leaks
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To get a pet owner, a cluttered carpet is maybe among the most often encountered sights almost every day. But she or he'd definitely not like to maintain it watching so frequently. For them, it's not under a dream to find a handsfree rug cleaner altering their stain-driven pressure to a technology-given reassurance. As odd as it might sound, the favorite and dependable manufacturer Bissell has develop this type of cleaner which is customized to meet the needs of pet owners. This is maybe one of the majority of portable place rug cleaners in demand; it's actually the BISSELL Spotbot Pet 33N8A Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner that implements the very best mix of Deep Reach engineering and imagination.

This washing machine is your manufacturers premier place cleaner which eases permanent removal of stains and dirt with your handson. Instead of perspiration to remove a blot, you merely need to begin it and do other chores while cleaning occupation is happening. This is possibly a gift for pet owners that seriously need to confront pet messes too frequently although the device is for everyone who wishes to get a hands on cleaner for stains and spot removal.

Functional Performance. Really Best Spot Cleaner for Carpet?

Pet owners enjoy this cleaner, in particular those who have dogs which are being trained for residing in a home and cats that normally smoke frequently. BISSELL Spotbot Pet carpet cleaner functions in eliminating all sorts of small stains and spots, irrespective of how old or tough they are.

Nevertheless, in the event of larger stains on the rugs and upholstery, you may have to run several times, even though it's likely to utilize the manual brush efficiently. For bigger stains on upholstery, automobile interiors, and staircase, a handheld hose and a brush tool using the device do the work well, rather than the automated mechanism.

You may anticipate a rejuvenated experience via the components smart cleaning system. You simply need to put the cleaner system across the stained area of the carpeting, pick the mandatory scrubbing style, and walk off or perform some other task before the blot vanishes by itself.

The device is flexible enough to change to its manual manner of cleanup, which functions just as other mobile stain cleaners, using a brush tool and hose. Such a mixture of unique attributes converts this cleaner to some potent model for cleanup not just pet stains but also spills and spots on automobile interiors and soft furniture.

This carpet cleaner not just eliminates small stains but also does this fast, without much work. Recent or surface spots go away in more than three minutes throughout the automatic cleaning button, even while the older and darker ones move away in a few minutes.

For stain and stain cleaning, the system appears to groom in addition to, or even better sometimes than, those skilled services or steam-cleaning versions. The cleaner includes two tank chambers but not one of them has large openings. Regardless of this, it's not difficult to fill them. The filthy chamber readily gets emptied and rinsed out. In the same way, the room holding the water and detergent solution has to be rinsed out fast.

Let's Review BISSELL Spotbot Pet Features

  • Suction Power and Patented Deep Reach Technology: Because of this Deep Reach mechanism, this place carpet cleaner Can do all of the laboring of an individual by Itself. The tech forming the center of the design assists in removing the stains so profoundly that you won't even have the ability to detect its origins. Further, the BISSELL Spotbot Pet is accompanied by an unusual stunt cleanup activity making over 400 revolutions for cleanup, with two brushes going in dissimilar method. This motion happens at a high speed and at another way, which collectively with suction ability, leads to powerful exclusion and elimination of heavy stains for leaving the surface clean and fresh. In both automatic and manual modes, the cleansers sprays in addition to suction-dries only once without damaging the carpet.
  • Dual Tank Capacity: The Spotbot includes 2 tanks, one for cleaning water and solution, and you for holding filthy water. They measure 32 ounce.
  • Automated Smart System: This leaves hands-free elimination of stains and stains. There are just two motorized configurations for brush, one for deeper and older stains and alternative for surface and recent spots. You simply have to pick the corresponding button and then await an alarm indicating the end. The wise system describes the ideal amount of alternative by itself by calculating the amount for efficiently taking away the dirt and stain at the conclusion of their first 400 brush revolutions.
  • Microban Antimicrobial Protection: This exclusive attribute defends against the growth and spread of germs, usually accountable for inducing odor. Additionally, it protects surfaces from molds and mildew, and is among the prerequisites that have to be set up for this type of an appliance to become completely accredited.
  • Portable & Lightweight: This device weights just 14 pounds without even filling the tanks, making it a lightweight cleansing machine. At precisely the exact same time, its measurements will also be such that they create the cleaner compact and mobile. Further, a convenient carrying handle increases its portability element.
  • Cleaning Diameter: This really is seven inches, meaning that the automatic cleaning will groom around this area in 1 stroke. Supplementing it's the spiral brush activity that accumulates the stains and dirt from your carpet.
  • Manual Mode: This is offered in the kind of a button which triggers the hands tool/hose for manual cleanup. This also signals that the carpet cleaning system is really versatile.
  • No Water Heater: There is not any heater within BISSELL Spotbot Pet handsfree spot and stain cleaner 33n8, which means that you have to add hot water, if needed. Normally, finest home carpet cleaner irrespective of their type and version don't have a water heater.
  • Cleaning Solution: Bissell advocates utilizing its 2X Pet Stain & Odor formula for 99% elimination of odor-causing germs on the rugs, stains, and spots, 2X Little Green exclusively for Little Green versions, and Oxy Gen2. But you may use carpet shampoo of almost any manufacturer or even homemade remedies like vinegar and water mixture.
  • 5-Feet Hose: This attachment is for manual cleaning procedure that's excellent for stairs, upholstery, and auto interiors.
  • Cleaning Path Stain Tool: This one utilizes suction in addition to manual brush activity with suction to clean a course of 3 inches.
  • Power Cord: This is 16-ft lengthy and is sufficient to get the vast majority of manual and automatic operations. But, you might assert it is short when compared to other mobile versions.
  • Warranty: Well, the BISSELL Spotbot Pet 33NA has just 1-year limited guarantee. The carpet cleaner is made in China, which suggests a few reliability problems. But the majority of these and design defects are eliminated, while emphasizing a comparatively robust build.

Discussing the accessories, the blot tool brush cleans distinct surfaces, for instance, hard to reach areas or for those regions where automatic software have failed. The instrument also vacuums surplus water or liquid left from the sterile circle, post automated cleaning. Aside from this, you can buy other accessories like the broad stair application, turbo brush tool, spraying crevice tool, along with the upholstery tool.

Note: The 33N8A BISSELL Spotbot pet handsfree cleaner is simply for stains, pet messes, and stains, maybe not for cleaning the entire room or large area. As it's designed keeping moisture in mind, users favor it generally for smaller jobs, as it gets much simpler to move it around if manual operation for cleanup. For whole residence, you'll require a cleaner or a lightweight cleaner which not only eliminates the stains and stains but in addition implements a larger route of cleaning those tiny areas rather than different areas (small rooms).


The Bissell Spotbot Pet Deep Cleaner is excellent for all those who wish to stay handsfree in the time cleaning the carpeting for stain and stain removal. It's compact and portable yet powerful and automatic to remove stains and stains without scrubbing or toiling within the target region. Its among the very best place carpet cleaners in the marketplace.

While its automated mechanism is excellent for smaller spots, the guide scrubbing style along with hand tool is useful for cleaning stains and stains harder, grooming automobile upholstery, and some more non-standard place cleaning kinds. The best handle, relatively modest size, and easy but convenient controls make it easy to run the machine. Its automatic cleaning attribute combined with extended cord is excellent for those having limited freedom.