BISSELL Deep Clean Premier – Great Carpet Cleaner for Pets. We Love It!

Our Ratings


+ Pros

·         Fast drying period

·         One of the few carpet cleaners that can really handle pet hair and dander

·         Upright place makes it comfortable to handle

·         Pet hair basket guarantees for durability and more efficient cleaning

·         Affordable for its attributes

·         Can access barely accessible areas

·         Water tank is bigger than in other versions

·         Powerful suction

·         Intuitive and user friendly

·         Power cord measures 22 feet, so moving the device around too much Isn’t necessary

·         Best carpet cleaner for pet urine (a lot of people think so;-RRB-)

– Cons

·         A built-in heater may have been a good alternative

·         Only has a tank which holds both dirty and clean water

·         Owner’s manual does not answer all of the questions

·         Wet feeling left behind if you spend a lot of seconds in 1 place

·         Not Acceptable for hard flooring

Everyone loves their pets since they are a part of the family. But if you don’t get one of these bald Egyptian cats or an iguana, odds are your home will be filled with pet hair and dander. As soon as you get a pet, you commit to caring for it. Care also implies more house maintenance. Leave the hair around for a long time and it’ll become almost impossible to clean. You need more regular cleaning operations, in addition to more intense solutions. What do you do then? Your options are rather limited, but at least you have something to select from.

You can hire a cleaning firm. They are everywhere. You can find the carpets professionally cleaned using their pickup services, then sent back to your door. Some companies will also appear by your door and carry out the cleaning on site, particularly if you would like to clean the whole home. It seems quite convenient. After all, you make a telephone and cleansers are there. But if you do the math, then costs do add up. You do have to pay for this option if you would like to proceed with it.

Secondly, you can wash yourself. What does it mean? This is most likely the most daunting task in the world. Get down on your knees and begin using that brush right and left. And just when you believe you’re finished, you find more hair. Fortunately, things can get simpler with a professional cleaner for residential applications. This is when BISSELL Deep Clean Premier Pet Full Sized Carpet Cleaner, 17N4 comes into play. It’s rated to be a leading running pet cleaner, it’s even best pet vacuum cleaner in our view, but in addition, it promises to restore the gorgeous colours and vibrant brightness of your carpets and upholstery. But what should you expect from this carpet cleaner? Is BISSELL Deep Clean Premier which best carpet cleaner machine for pet stains you’re looking for?

Functional Performance

This BISSELL version comes with a few additional features when compared to other cleaners in the same manufacturer. Most carpet cleaners include less than 10 rows of brushes to assist in cleaning. This model is a bit different in the endeavor to find the stubborn pet hair. Everybody understands that sometimes, not even a harsh brush may take it off. Hence, the Deep Clean unit includes 12 unique rows. They’re known as PowerBrushes because of a patented technology. Hair and dander won’t stand a single chance.

However, this model wasn’t designed for pet owners only. In actuality, it makes one of the most effective carpet cleaners on the market. It can remove stubborn and old stains — including those moving deep into the fibers. The rotating brush will also work on how the rug feels. It pushes up fibers and makes it softer to walk on. As if restoring its original colours wouldn’t b enough, you also benefit from a more comfortable experience. The high efficiency of the machine is given by the capacity to maintain the water temperature constant. The patented HeatWave technology keeps the water warm for as long as you will need to clean your carpets.

·         On Carpets: The ramifications of BISSELL Deep Clean Premier machine are evident from the very first use, and after you know what’s the best carpet cleaner for pet stains and odors. The design is most commonly suggested to carpets, so this is what it cleans the ideal. A little preparation can be required, so if you have large particles of dirt, then you need to use the vacuum . From there on, you can kiss dust and stains goodbye. The rotating brush takes little particles of dirt from the interior of the fibers and pushes them up. The identical functionality principle accounts for clearing stubborn stains. It makes no difference if you clean your carpets for maintenance or they’re exposed to too much dirt and traffic.

·         On Other Fabrics: Despite being constructed for carpets, the reality is that BISSELL pet vacuum cleaner can effectively wash all sorts of fabrics. Upholstered things will stand no chance before its own power, from the couch to your real chairs. You can even take the cleaner outside and take care of the interior of your vehicle. Be careful about the quantities of water that you use though. Finally, you may use the cleaner for stairs too, but only if they’re covered with carpets. When it comes to hard flooring, it’s not too efficient. Fortunately, it may compensate through the capacity to clean pet hair.

BISSELL Deep Clean Premier Pet Features

As you proceed through all these capacities, BISSELL’s carpet cleaner appears among the most efficient units on the market. So as to fulfill these promises, it clearly requires some special features also.

·         Pet Hair Basket: The BISSELL Deep Clean Premier Pet carpet cleaner includes a small component that captures pet dander and hair until it clogs the water tank. If hair gets in there, the water will no longer have a fresh smell, so cleaning will be cluttered. Thus, this component is among the smartest ideas to conquer the competition in clearing dander while still keeping the machine secure and functioning.

·         EdgeSweep: The EdgeSweep technology is self explanatory. It allows going all of the way to the end of the carpet. Most carpet cleaners can’t enter corners or where the carpet meets the wall. There are usually a few inches that have to be cleaned manually, on your knees. You can’t forget about it. No inch will endure your cleaning attack.

·         Generous Water Tank: The bigger the water tank is, the less often you’ll need to get into the toilet to refill it. Sure, a huge tank will also increase the weight, but it isn’t like you must move the unit around too much. Overall, the 17N4 model includes a large 1.25 gallon tank. It saves time and prevents frustrating moments.

·         Deep Access Tool: The patented Deep Reach instrument is very likely to become your very best friend against stubborn pee stains. It’s great for those awkward moments when no matter how hard you try, you can still see the stain. It gives an impressive suction power, but in addition, it provides you complete control over it. No matter how competitive a blot is, it is likely that you will eliminate it in no time, 17N4 is actually best carpet cleaner for cat or dog urine.

·         Surround Suction: If you’ve attempted fundamental carpet cleaners before, you’ve probably noticed already that carpet tends to remain wet. You need to leave it somewhere to dry or mould will kick in. With the surround suction, you do not have to wait for a couple of days. This BISSELL pet carpet cleaner sucks almost all of the water within the carpet, while drying becomes a matter of hours.

·         Long Cord: The power cord measures 22 feet in length. It’s excellent for flexibility. Put it inside the center of the room and odds are you won’t need to move it whatsoever. This is also what makes the huge water tank such a fantastic feature, as you’re less likely to feel that the extra weight. Besides, you don’t need to make any connections in random electric outlets.

·         Easy To Use: Even if this is the first time you use a carpet cleaner, you won’t face a single issue. Assembly is simple. You’ll have to handle around three bolts. Using it is just as easy. It’s intuitive and includes an operator’s manual too. The ease of use will also encourage you to use it more frequently, which means that your carpets will keep their vibrant colours over long intervals.

·         HeatWave Technology: The HeatWave technology permits a constant flow of warm water. It will keep the water temperature and ensure that the same high degree of efficiency throughout the whole cleaning session. You will no longer have to substitute the water in the effort to keep it warm for harsh stains. Sure, cold water works also, but a deep stain might require a higher temperature.


As a brief final decision, BISSELL Deep Clean Premier Pet Full Sized Carpet Cleaner, 17N4 can quickly become your preferred cleaning toy. It’s chiefly marketed to people with pets, as they clearly know how daunting it is to eliminate hair, and it’s perfect in cleaning dog and cat urine. However, it’s even more efficient if there are no pets around. Regardless of the professional features, it’s been created with residential purposes in mind. It works wonders in all types of homes and even little businesses or offices, but you ought not exaggerate.