BISSELL Big Green Machine – Powerful BISSELL Carpet Cleaner

Our Ratings


+ Pros

  • Cleans faster than many rental units
  • Apart from cleaning, it also dries
  • Comes with DirtLifter PowerBrushes
  • Can remove tough, old and stubborn spots and stains
  • Long reach hose for barely accessible areas
  • Stair cleaning tool included in the bundle
  • Large capacity tanks
  • Removable tanks for easy filling
  • Water level indicator
  • BISSELL cleaning solution comprised
  • One of the best professional carpet cleaners

– Cons

  • Not efficient on hardwood flooring
  • Hose Can’t reach places where scrubbing is required
  • Owner’s manual could be more detailed
  • Can take more to dry if you exaggerate in 1 spot

Keeping a clean living environment a part of everyone’s common sense. Living in a filthy place isn’t only highly contraindicated, but also unhealthy. You can imagine how embarrassing it is to return home after a day on the job and be unable to find whatever you require. The situation gets even more frustrating when you’re in a rush. Maintaining your home in the best possible shape is normally an ongoing operation. Put things in their places once you stop using them and upkeep will be a breeze. But , there are situations when you want more intense cleaning, such as carpet maintenance.

At this level, you have two options. The first one means hiring a professional business. You hire a service, they appear, use some tools and take your cash. Your place looks great and smells fine, but this support isn’t cheap in any way. Do it too often and you’ll observe that costs accumulate. The second option suggests doing it yourself. Fortunately, however inexperienced and idle you feel, now’s cleaning tools and equipment will make the entire operation bit of cake. Needless to say, you need to select the ideal thing.

That is when BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner, 86T3/86T3Q comes in to make your life simpler, since it’s one of the greatest professional carpet cleaners. This is one of the carpet cleaners that specialist companies use, just it’s designed at a less potent scale for residential applications. Cleaning rugs with this model shouldn’t pose too many problems or cause any back pains. In actuality, you’ll discover the operation to be rather appealing. This BISSELL Carpet Cleaner is much far better than leasing equipment, but also dries in no time. It’s lightweight, comfortable and incredibly efficient. But what else should you know about it?

Functional Performance

The BISSELL Big Green wash machine includes a special technology to ensure easier and more efficient cleaning effects. It depends on the versatile brushes. The respective technology is called DirtLifter PowerBrushes. These brushes essentially take the stubborn dirt from the carpet and put it in the air for the vacuum to take it over. When you vacuum with a normal equipment, you’ve probably noticed already that lots of parts of dirt get stuck and has to be picked manually. Forget about those annoying moments today. Though this is rated for a carpet cleaner, the identical technology works on hard floors too.

When comparing this rug cleaner into other cleaners, you’ll discover a great deal of differences. Classic vacuums grab dirt and dust, but they don’t loosen stubborn deposits. At exactly the exact same time, they can’t really make it in hardly accessible places. Things change to 180 degrees with this model however. When dirt gets stuck, the rotating brushes will take it from the carpet and put it in front of the vacuumcleaner. Hardly accessible places are also easy to clean since this version includes cleaning attachments, so there’s absolutely not any way to overlook stairs or corners.

  • On Carpets: The BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine aims to clean all sorts of stains, irrespective of how stubborn they look initially. Old stains become history very quickly. If softens dirt particles before drawing them in. Aside from these little particles, it can also clear dust, mold as well as allergens trapped down carpets. Forget about the dust moving up in the air when you use a regular vacuum. BISSELL Big Green is three times more effective than conventional equipment and shows the long lost vibrant colours of your carpets. The solution can penetrate both typical carpets and really deep fibers.
  • On Other Fabrics: Apart from carpeting, the BISSELL Big Green system is just as useful for different fabrics. Essentially, it can clear dirt and stains off your sofa or maybe armchair. Provided that you have upholstered items around, they will show an exquisite beauty after remaining hidden beneath a coating of dirt for ages. Stair rugs will immediately recover their previous shininess also. The BISSELL Cleaning Machine is mostly suggested for fabrics and carpets, yet it can also be used on hard floors. From this viewpoint, you can use it on wood or tiles flooring. It’s not specifically created for these surfaces though.

BISSELL Big Green Machine Features

Obtaining such a high level of functionality wouldn’t be possible without a good set of features and capabilities.

  • DirtLiften PowerBrushes Technology: The exceptional technology offers extra dirt eliminating power by pushing particles up in the air before putting them within the machine. Brushes rotate continuously for a better particle flow.
  • Long Reach Hose: Unlike other cleaning equipment, this machine doesn’t have to be transferred too much about. The hose adds to its general advantage, so you can forget about going back and forth with the machine near. Instead, you have a little additional flexibility for faster results, in addition to more comfort.
  • Water Flow Indicator: You do not always have to keep your eye on the tank. Instead, the machine will do everything for you. It keeps an eye on the water level and notifies you when you must add more of it. By doing this, you can practically keep it from breaking down or losing its efficacy. The same is true for the alternative level, which can be mechanically checked.
  • Large Tanks: Although the big tanks increase the weight a bit, they make cleaning your home a more convenient operation. To put it simply, you don’t need to run too frequently to the toilet to fill them up. Alternatively, you can concentrate on cleaning for longer intervals between two consecutive refills. There’s not anything to worry about — you’ll be informed when the water is low though.
  • Removable Tanks: Tanks are removable, so refilling is a breeze. You don’t have to raise the whole machine and find a fantastic place to fill the tanks. Additionally, you don’t need to use any particular cups to have them refilled either. Instead, take them off, place them under running water and match them back once they’re complete. What can be easier than that?
  • Adjustable Tank Handle: The tank handle is adjustable in height. It’s an additional feature designed using the cleaner’s comfort in mind. Forget about bending over and over again. Forget the back pains and make the cleaning process as comfortable as you can. The handle is also ergonomic and easy to use or fix.
  • Extra Cleaning Attachments: The best carpet cleaner couldn’t come with no excess cleaning attachments and this one makes no exception . The nine foot long hose is among them. It allows reaching barely accessible places. On the flip side, stairs can be thoroughly cleaned with the six inch stair tool, which is included in the bundle.
  • BISSELL Cleaning Formula: The BISSELL cleaning formula is original and made for more intense cleaning operations. The package has a 24 oz can. Try its efficacy yourself by cleaning with and without it. When it runs out, you’ll need to purchase it separately. But, other cleaning options are also accepted.

Commercial Version. What’s the Best Commercial Carpet Cleaner

The 86T3/86T3Q Big Green cleaner from BISSEL is made for residential applications, despite its specialist capacities. Those people who are interested in using this system with business purposes should check out its commercial alternative — Bissell Big Green Commercial BG10 Deep Cleaning 2 Motor Extracter Machine that is greatest commercial carpet cleaning machine. Concerning features and sizing, both machines are rather similar. However, the BG10 version includes a more impreesive power for more rapid suction. It can handle large areas exposed to extreme everyday traffic — such as hotels, institutions and other similar areas. Exactly like the residential choice, it’s suggested to carpets only.

The BISSELL Big Green includes two motors, a flexible tank handle height and a flow indicator. It indicates that the water and cleaning solution levels and informs you whenever you will need a refill. You may clean in all types of moves — both forward and backward. Aside from that, the strong suction power targets the whole surface — from edge to edge. Interested in different attachments for more exact cleaning? There are a number of options available in trade, but they need to be purchased separately.


As a brief final conclusion of our inspection, BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner, 86T3/86T3Q is best to deliver the professional features out of expensive tools into your home cleaning needs. This BISSELL carpet cleaner is terrific for all sorts of surfaces, but especially upholstery and carpets. When considering a cleaning machine for company purposes. The industrial choice is more powerful.