Best Way to Kill Mold in Carpet

Carpets are used to cover the floor of a house. The main purpose of having a carpet is to insulate your feet from cold, especially when the floor is laid with tiles or it has a concrete floor. Children require a carpet when playing, as they get protection from the cold floor while playing or sitting. Carpets are used as decorative pieces to add color to the room. They are used in houses, industries and in commercial establishments such as hotels and retail stores. Those who have carpets require carpet cleaning machines too, for example BISSELL Big Green, to help in maintaining the quality of the carpet. A clean carpet helps to keep the environment clean. The quality of the carpet depends on an individual’s taste and his financial position. There are expensive carpets that are hand woven and decorative, while the inexpensive ones are those that are mass-produced in factories. The carpet is also known as the rug and is most common, in houses and offices.

Spreading the Carpet

  • Carpets are used in shops, hotels, restaurants and offices. They help to absorb noise and offer more comfort. They have an aesthetic appeal that gives a better look to the environment.
  • Carpets are found in schools to help reduce the noise and to give a warmer atmosphere to the children studying in the school, from the extreme cold.
  • Carpets are found in the health care division to help provide a soothing feeling to patients. It also provides emotional healing apart from giving them warmth.
  • Carpets are used in cars to protect the car base from getting too dirty and unclean.
  • Carpets are most importantly used in houses as children tend to sit down or play, on the floor. A house is the place to relax and to protect the family from the cold and hence, a carpet is a necessity in houses where there are little children.

Mold Formation on Carpets

Carpet mold accumulate and degrade the carpet, especially when the climate is cold and the temperature drops. It causes a lot of unpleasant odor and destroys the carpet. Human beings are prone to suffer from such molds as they cause an allergy in them. Those who suffer from asthma and wheezing are most allergic to mold accumulation. Mold if left unattended may harm the entire carpet, especially if the base of the carpet has been affected. Cleaning molds is easier with a carpet cleaning machine.

Removing mold from carpet

  • Once you discover that the carpets have mold formation, it is important to take steps to remove the mold immediately.
  • If possible, the carpet can be taken outside the house, to be dusted. Dusting out the carpet will loosen the mold. Vacuum can also be used on the affected area.
  • Air flow helps to reduce the humidity in the room and good ventilation helps to remove molds. While using chemicals to clean up the carpet, air flow is necessary to protect those inside the house, from their chemical fumes.
  • If the carpet is exposed to the sun’s rays directly, it will remove the mold spores quickly. The moisture content from the carpet gets dried up and removes the mold
  • Baking soda is said to remove mold from carpet. But it should be properly cleaned up or vacuumed.
  • If you are using the fan to dry up the carpet, make sure that the mold does not scatter in all places as it may re-grow on other parts of the rug.

Killing Mold from Carpet

  • White vinegar helps to kill mold. However, all varieties of mold cannot be removed with white vinegar. Light applications will do, to avoid stains.
  • There are various anti-fungal sprays and anti-mold sprays available at drug stores, to kill mold
  • The base of the carpet can be cleaned with a steam cleaner.
  • Dishwashing liquid can be applied on the mold and cleaned up with water. But it should be allowed to dry, as the moisture content may trigger more mold growth.
  • Household bleach can be applied with water on the mold infected area. Bleach kills mold. But it should be dried, as moistness helps in growth of mold.

Cleaning Mold out of a Car Carpet

When the interior of the car gets moisture from outside, it immediately gets a mold odor, as the interior of the car is enclosed and there is growth of mildew and bacteria, which gives out a bad odor.

  • The interior of the car should be thoroughly inspected. Especially under the floor seat and mats.
  • Even the upholstery on the seats may have mold growth.
  • The air-conditioning system may also develop mold growth
  • Debris and food that falls inside the car may help in the growth of mildew and mold.

You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the moisture from the interior of the car. Roll down the windows and expose the seats and car floor to the sun. If possible, you can keep them out in the sun, to get the sun’s rays directly. If there is any loose mold, brush them away. You can also sprinkle baking soda, on the spots where the mold is found. Professionals are also available to take care of the car. However, they are very expensive. Carpet cleaning machines is another option available that comes in various colors, brands and sizes to keep carpets clean. The interior of the car should always be vacuumed and cleaned regularly with good maintenance especially during the rainy season and when there is flood.

The carpet cleaning machine helps to clean up carpets easily. When carpets are of expensive quality and very decorative, homemade remedies may easily spoil the quality of the carpet and may cause a stain, which will stand out starkly against the design. Best carpet cleaning machines help in proper maintenance of the carpet and keep them neat and shining, by providing proper treatment on unwanted growth of mildew and mold.